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January 9, 2016

Cecilia Ogude, founder of WINAFD and VP with a global financial firm, moderated an insightful discussion with some wonderful women as they shared their candid views on issues impacting our young girls and women in Ghana particularly around education, career progression, leadership and mentorship, and the evolving role of women today and identify some key actionable initiatives to combat these issues.

Key Issues:

  • Education: Lack of financial support, adequate classrooms, outdated textbooks, non-existing science and computer labs for practical and limited ability for students to gain support and opportunity in different disciplines from Senior Secondary and higher are some of the key issues impacting us getting world-class education

  • Career: Culture in the workforce is limiting for the growth and progression of women with significant wage gap between men and women, harassment of women, and preferential treatment of men over women

  • Leadership/Mentoring: Lack of mentorship and sponsorship by some women in leadership positions to develop and assist in the career progression of other women within their own organizations and in turn women in junior positions rarely seek and cultivate professional relationships with these leaders.

Key Recommendations:

  • Be bold, focus, and think outside the box

  • Be kind to each other

  • Take the initiative; it all starts with you

  • Empower and mentor each

  • Be honest with yourself and don’t settle

  • Venture out on your own and seek other means of learning - ‘Ask Google’

  • Education is more than just a curriculum

  • More effort needed by parents during children’s gap years

  • Develop in your actions and not only your aspirations

  • Be humble and willing to learn from others

  • Don’t shy away from hard work

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