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Young Womanhood | work & womanhood

Updated: May 9, 2023

10 days after International Women's Day Yvette Tetteh's Young Womanhood conversation with myself and Liz Ricketts was aired on Oroko Radio.

“Young Womanhood” is a deep-dive into the under-acknowledged, under-explored transition to womanhood – as told by women from around the world and brought together by Yvette, a young Black woman living in Accra. Spanning themes of race, body, and sex, it is the coming-of-age story we do not get in popular or literary culture.

I had a great time speaking with these awesome women on the topic of WORK and Womanhood and for those of you who don't know who they are you should definitely check them out.

Yvette is a Ghanaian entrepreneur building an impact driven agribusiness right here in Ghana. A Stanford University graduate, Yvette Tetteh is the co-founder and ceo of the Pure and Just Company, a rural-urban business transforming fresh fruit into natural, tropical dried fruit products but that's just one of the many things she does. She's also a Writer, Innovator and accredited Documentary Filmmaker/Visual Artist, Yoga Instructor... you get the picture.

Liz Ricketts is a designer, educator and activist. With Branson Skinner, she co-runs the Or Foundation, a registered charity that operates in both the US and Ghana on a mission to “identify and manifest alternatives to the dominant model of fashion – alternatives that bring forth ecological prosperity, as opposed to destruction, and that inspire citizens to form a relationship with fashion that extends beyond their role as consumer.” Liz has been researching on the Kantamanto secondhand clothing market in Accra since 2016 and has been working closely with traders and consumers alike to increase awareness and find solutions to the cancer of fashion waste we are drowning in.

Click below to listen to the conversation I had with Liz and Yvette.

Oroko is a not-for-profit independent internet radio station based in Accra, Ghana. Whose aim is to connect, inspire and empower through conversation, collaboration and community.

Oroko aims to reclaim and recenter narratives from the African and Diasporic artistic communities, with a particular focus on local perspectives in Accra. Oroko Radio will shine a spotlight on alternative sounds and thoughts coming from, and influenced by the Continent.

Number one priority is community.

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