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Tending to Life × garden therapy

baby girl was away for a little while. so much went down. her plants really felt her absence. nobody cared but her. she couldn't understand this behaviour.

guess she decided to just get to it. after all that died, the soil was going to be rich. where there has been death, new life springs forth.


Living with Elle

2021 Campaign

Living through the pandemic, home was all we had. Our lives were all of a sudden compressed into these spaces that we used to leave in the morning and return to only after an entire day of hustling and bustling.

Tempo was reset and living life took on a new format. We wanted to take a deeper look at what that could mean and how the space called home is now for work, school, meals, rest and play.

Join us in exploring life in the new "live in" space by Elle Lokko where Love, Life, Work, Faith and Self all meet under one roof.

directed by Stefania Manfreda & Kumi Obuobisa

produced by Elle Lokko

written by Stefania Manfreda

director of photography Kumi Obuobisa

styling Ngaa Bedell

muse Maryam Barry

music Versailles The Everything - Paint

wardrobe The Garment Factory, Alexandra Tomiyama

#shotoniphone on location at Elle Lokko, Accra, Ghana

0248669966 for purchases and deliveries

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