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Stories of Adornment

2016 September Campaign

Colour | ˈkʌlə/ | noun
The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.

The colours of a woman’s world are an endless rainbow of personalities that blend into her life with such grace and natural ease one could almost take them for granted.

Thinking of the multitude of roles and characters she must personify, in this day…in this time; the girl, the woman, the friend, the rival… the leader, servant, homemaker, breadwinner… what a fine balancing act of wills and rebellion is played out time after time!

It’s no wonder a woman’s love for herself and for God is the only thing that will keep her sane… not to mention those around her.

Stories of Adornment traces the beauty of the coming together of all these parts in a simple narrative that explodes with colour and life just as the phenomenal stories of the women we know.

Focusing on colour, we designed this collection of necklaces stripping it down to the barest elements of function and form so they can accompany you anywhere. Keeping textures natural and lines minimal, we were free to explore the tradition of recycled glass beads against a modern urban backdrop that juxtaposed all sorts of palettes to play with. The fun was in the mixing, because that’s what we women love to do… today a saint… tomorrow a seductress and my, are the combinations endless!

So yes, by all means speak your colour and adorn yourself with it. This world would be no picnic without a woman’s hues in it.

Art Direction & Styling Stefania Manfreda, Valene Lontanga

Poetry Ama Asantewa Diaka

Photography & Editing Stefania Manfreda
Wardrobe Elle Lokko
Model Nadia Asantewaa

2016 stories of adornment: Headliner
2016 stories of adornment: Pro Gallery
2016 stories of adornment: Pro Gallery
2016 stories of adornment: Pro Gallery
2016 stories of adornment: Pro Gallery