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Rooms & Apartments

Live in or around Elle Lokko

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Elle Lokko Residences

Hidden in the heart of Lokko Road in a  picturesque courtyard, the Elle Lokko residence and affiliated apartments are for all tastes and travellers.

When not shopping or attending Elle Lokko's various showcases, one can stop to visit the sights in the neighbourhood which include the beach, monuments such as the Osu Castle, the Black Star Gate, the Osu Night Market and so on.

Elle Lokko, 14 Lokko Road, Accra Ghana

Tel. +233 246 449944

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Our Rooms

Live in Elle Lokko

Three single rooms are available for rent within the Elle Lokko building. Each unique and with a different charm.
We look forward to hosting you.

The Sena

the sena.jpg

Breezy Mood

With a view facing the sea, this airy single room comes with its own private bathroom. The kitchen and outdoor area are shared with other tenants.

The Jamal

the jamal_edited.jpg

Rising Vitality

As you can imagine, the sun wakes you up in the morning in here. If you're the sporty type this room will definitely have you at the beach training every morning.

The Omar

the omar.png

Exotic Relaxation

Comfortable, simple and calm. A space that will help you clear your mind and focus.

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Our Apartments

Live near and around Elle Lokko

If you're looking for something with a little more space or privacy we have partnerships with nearby locations that will surely be to your taste.
Browse below to book through Airbnb.

Adopt a Garden

adopt a garden.jpg

Dreamy Isolation

A place to hideout in this bustling Accra that never sleeps. A quiet hidden corner to be alone or good company whilst tending to the garden tucked away in the back.

Skate Life

skate life.jpeg

Ramp It Up

A cozy, central location in the heart of Osu, this 1 bedroom apartment shares a compound with the Skate House and yes, they do have a ramp.

Artsy & Cosy

artsy cosy.jpeg

Work & Play

A cosy, artsy space tucked away in the heart of Osu behind Lokko House. Designed to help you unwind after a busy day, it is strategic for those who want to explore the city from east to west.

A Family Home

LM 2 bedroom.jpg

2 Bedrooms, Top Floor

Simple, clean , spacious and very convenient, with an equipped kitchen to cook your meals and 2 large bedrooms

A Place for You, or Two

LM 1 bedroom.jpg

1 Bedroom, Top FLoor

Cozy 1 bedroom suite located in the heart of Osu, 10 min walk from Oxford Street and within a residential context.

Stunning & Away


Another Community

You will fall in love with this bright, airy, spacious apartment on the second floor of a peaceful apartment block. Away from the noisy Osu area, immersed in the green of Tse-Addo, a suburb of Labadi and a residential area located behind the Ghana International Trade Fair, La.

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