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Elle Lokko

tropics & modern

Fashion. Body Care. x Art. Design. x Events. Culture.

Brainchild of designer/curator Stefania Manfreda, Elle Lokko first opened its doors in September 2015 [ psst, click for pics ;-) ]​.

As Accra's first women's Concept Store, Elle Lokko is a collage of cultural and commercial entities from fashion to design, including music, lifestyle, art and photography and it marks the beginning of the total shopping experience here in Accra.

With an array of amazing brands that design outfits, shoes, accessories, home decor and organic beauty products, Elle Lokko maintains a strong sense of tradition expressed by a nostalgic feel of Africa’s fashion, art, lifestyle and culture.

Since its opening, there have been numerous exhibitions that have offered an intense variety of genres and experiences to the local contemporary culture.


Elle Lokko stuns with its carefully curated collection of trendsetting pieces.


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Shop a vast array of products spanning from fashion, accessories, organic beauty products, art, home decor, books and literature and many other interesting collectibles that speak of the richness of today's Africa.