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Living with Elle

April 2021 Campaign

Living through the pandemic, home was all we had. Our lives were all of a sudden compressed into these spaces that we used to leave in the morning and return to only after an entire day of hustling and bustling.

Tempo was reset and living life took on a new format. We wanted to take a deeper look at what that could mean and how the space called home is now for work, school, meals, rest and play.

Join us in exploring life in the new "live in" space by Elle Lokko where Love, Life, Work, Faith and Self all meet under one roof.

Art Direction Stefania Manfreda

Film Kumi Obuobisa

Photography Nii OdzenmaShalom Ibrahim 

Set Design Ngaa Bedell

Styling Stefania Manfreda, Ngaa Bedell

Wardrobe Elle Lokko
Models (in order of appearance)

Jamal Dzotsi

Briggitte Appiah

Ngaa Bedell

Maryam Barry

Doreen Noi

Sena Dzotsi

2021 living with elle: Headliner
2021 living with elle: Video
2021 living with elle: Pro Gallery
2021 living with elle: Video