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The Ghanaian Heritage, a collection by Elio Ferraro for NN Couture

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Ghana, country of great textile tradition, has been chosen as the inspiration source by NN COUTURE . This collection, represents the beautiful expression of colors and patterns of the african wovens and prints.

In each different season, since its debut, the italian brand has focused on the mission of exploring the world's finest textiles and elaborated embellishments techniques, revaluating ancient craftmanships and proposing a personal vision of different cultural heritages within specific geographical areas, identified and punctually reinterpreted by Elio Ferraro  in a modern elegance version. Donyale Luna, the first black supermodel ever appeared on a Vogue magazine cover is the inspiring muse for what concern the silhoutte of the Collection Honored by the hospitality of the Italian Ambassador in Ghana, NN COUTURE presents "the Ghanaian Heritage", an exclusive catwalk show, which represents a world premiere for an italian designer within the entire african continent, particularly with an african inspired Collection. Throughout his long design activity (Salvatore Ferragamo, Issey Miyake and Emilio Pucci, among his previous collaborations), sicilian born Elio Ferraro, the Creative Director behind “NN Couture”, is providing a completely new approach to the nostalgic decadence of the worldwide ancestral weaving and wearing traditions, by marking a precise contemporary interpretation of undeniable glamour and luxury. Besides working for some of the most renown international fashion brands, during his career, Elio Ferraro has always pursued his passions' cultivation by experimenting new paths. For almost a decade, in his late thirties, he has decided to open his first "gallery/store" in Florence, a concept-store that represented the history of the twentieth century in terms of both fashion and interior design, offering a worldwide selection of cult-pieces, mostly acquired by museums, customers in search of iexclusivity (including international celebrities and supermodels) as well as most of the international fashion houses in search of inspirational pieces, as loyal clients. We invite you to Elle Lokko  to view his pieces because they're truly a rare sight. It's that time of year in which we want to look extra special and these items of wearable art are certainly to be added to your list. 


Mon 17th December to 19th December 2018

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Thank you and look forward to seeing you there.

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