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Elle Dialogues: Exploring Fast Fashion, Kantamanto, and Life in Accra with Willemina Berendje

Welcome to Elle Dialogues, a captivating documentary series that delves into the lives and stories of our Airbnb guests. In this inaugural episode of Season 01, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Willemina Berendje, a Dutch fashion enthusiast and passionate advocate against fast fashion.

Join us as we explore her experiences, insights, and perspectives on the fast fashion industry, her time in Accra, and her work with The OR Foundation. This intimate conversation sheds light on the complexities of the fashion industry, environmental justice, and the vibrant culture of Accra.

Through Elle Dialogues, we aim to bridge the gap between cultures and foster cross-cultural understanding.

About Elle Dialogues

In early 2020, we listed a portion of the top floor of the Elle Lokko building on Airbnb. With three bedrooms, a kitchen and a small general area just steps away from our shop, there were interesting interactions between guests and shoppers, staff and visitors, friends and travellers.

It was a memorable experiment that allowed us to welcome a few more people into our home. The experience made a lasting impression on us and created rich connections even as the entire world shut down. It was also a one of a kind experience because we have since moved out of that building and for some reason we knew we had to document it - almost as if we knew it would be short-lived - so this is a family album of sorts. It tells the stories of those who lived with us and their time in Osu, Accra.

We have since opened our new rental space, The Mint and and it is available for bookings on Airbnb. We hope to see you come through and look forward to creating more memories with you.

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