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Glitz Style Award

Irene Donati

12 September 2016

Pink Elephants are rare animals you can see only in Africa.

We tried to camouflage ourselves at the Glitz Style Awards 2016, at Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel last Saturday.

If we have to give an overall feedback about the event, the feedback is absolutely positive.

Kudos Glitz Magazine. The set up was really well done, the red carpet was beautiful and the way VIP and not were melting and mixing just admiring each other’s fashion and style created an alluring atmosphere of celebration.

It’s also very true that all those champagne bubbles helped to make everyone sparkle.

I want to start with just a pinch of negativity so we can enjoy all the good stuff later.

The whole award ceremony was really too quick.

I’m not saying that we would have enjoyed a 4 hours ceremony, but in the social media era, you need to think about what output and what impact anything you do has on all the social media channels, and if I have to take a picture, post, comment and share, you need to give me the time to do it.

It was basically impossible to have a proper social media report of the event because there was no material time to tweet between one award and the other.

You can have all the photographers of the country lined up to take 10,000 pics, but next time, think about a social media team instead.

Oh sorry we have another small comment: mini burgers are not cool anymore. Enough please.

And now let’s go to the positive notes: fashion is not only that ephemeral world where people just think about showing off. Well, it is for some, but that is not what fashion is about.

Quoting the almighty Anne Wintour “ Fashion can create a fantasy, can create a dream. It’s a kind of theatre.” ( The First Monday of May, 2016 )

And even if we are far from occasions like the Met Ball, it’s also true that fashion is one of the elements able to re-launch the local culture and make Ghana great.

So it’s good that, besides all the celebrities trying to grab photographers’ attention, there was also a big group of young fashion and style lovers, people who can change the perception of Ghana for the outside world and try to impact the local culture.

And we are very proud of another element of the night which reminds us what fashion should always be: a celebration of diversity.

#LoveisLoveisLoveisLove and people can pretend it is not true, or not to see: but every kind of love was in the air last night and we love to celebrate love.

We saw some amazing dresses: we really liked Berla Mundi’s cloud of tulle and Becca’s provocative all white style.

As well as Miss Malaika’s massive print dress, model of the year Victoria Michaels’s sophisticated blue and Joselyn Dumas’s golden gown.

We had a big question mark on Yvonne Nelson’s and Ama K. Abebrese’s understatement choice. Minimal is something different from slightly shabby.

And let’s also talk about men! Jermain Blue’s total black, Reggie Rockstone’s blue and Official Kwame’s modern elegance. All of them very approved.

On the awards not too much to say.

People’s votes decide and we respect the people’s choice.

Especially when we get some good surprises like KelVincent as stylist of the year and M.anifest for best individual style.

Let’s keep quality in fashion going up, let’s keep seeing beautiful people together not only for the competition ( we have too many award winning people in Ghana and we need more makers ??? ) but for the passion they put into style and fashion.

Hopefully we will see all this translated in the fashion shows and in new Ghanaian brands getting the International spotlight.

Thank you Glitz Africa for having us. It was a great pleasure.

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