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The Only Way Is Ghana

July 17, 2017

Elle Lokko – A company with a Ghanaian vision

Elle Lokko is a Ghanaian concept store located in Accra, managed and owned by Ghanaian-Italian STEFANIA MANFREDA. The store sells Ghanaian labels from bags, to body care to kids clothing, with her own in house collection as well.

Elle Lokko had humble beginnings before becoming a distributor of African fashion from the continent and diaspora. It was birthed out of the then T-shirt store Lokko'08 to cater more specifically to a female audience.

Brands like AAKS and Osei Duro are housed under Elle Lokko and are available there. This brand and company has a plethora of products to choose from. The store is dedicated to the promotion and focus on African brands and is another opportunity for young designers and entrepreneurs.

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