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Once Again, Elle Lokko

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

On the 4th of September 2021 we celebrated twice as hard; our 6 year anniversary and our new venue launch took place all on the same day.

Many dear friends from the fashion, art and culture scene came through to experience the night's events and we are truly grateful to have been able to share these exciting moments with you.

On arrival our guests were greeted with glasses of bubbly, a few light snacks and the amazing mix of sounds by Aldo Blasei.

Many came and enjoyed browsing and shopping through our freshly delivered selections and more than a few left with their old stuff in a bag and their new stuff on their skin! See if you can spot them.

Betina Quest then carried us off into her world of sensations with a live performance of her last released album

A group art exhibition - "Woman", brought together some of Accra's best female artists to pay homage to all women and our expression of ourselves.

The night was a complete success and we look forward to sharing a lot more nights like these with you all.

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