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The Cold Room

1st August - 2nd September 2017

Tuesday - Saturday, 5 to 10pm

The Cold Room, an installation inspired by #iamisigo#lagos showroom which explores the concept of merging spaces with abstract thermocool techniques.

this work is characterized by the criticism of common spaces and the creative directors obsession for tin foil. foil is a good thermal insulator if applied in loose layers. the more layers, the better insulation. because of the low mass-to-air ratio that tin foil has, it conducts almost no heat, making it a superior insulator and a visually captivating material.

in the work presented here, #BubuOgisi transforms “the container” into a surreal living room space, as an accusation of the dumbing down of society’s mass culture and conformism caused by excessive consumerism.

Visit The Container at First Lane Osu Accra. Call 0248669966 for details.

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