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Tapestrees by Daniel Dzonu Clarke

Updated: May 9, 2023

On Friday 17th March we had the pleasure of attending an exhibition of hand-made batik tapestries by Kokrobitey Institute artist and designer in residence, Daniel Dzonu Clarke. The exhibition showcased his new series of works that celebrated Ghana's natural and cultural landscape.

Daniel Dzonu Clarke's tapestries were made up of hand-produced batik textiles that celebrated the medicinal, spiritual, and practical qualities of the trees that he learned about from Lazarus, the resident permaculture farmer. Each tapestry represented a different tree that Daniel was surrounded by during his residency at the Kokrobitey Institute.

The tapestries were stunning, and we were in awe of the intricate patterns and vibrant colours. We were particularly impressed by the Coconut and Mangrove tapestries, which were modelled by Essie and Lala and photographed by Morris Frimpong.

Daniel expressed how much he enjoyed his time at the Kokrobitey Institute, working with the team, learning loads, and enjoying being in Ghana's beautiful natural landscape. He also mentioned how his love for textile production and pattern design was reignited during his residency.

Thank Kokrobitey Institute for putting on such a fantastic exhibition.

To see the tapestries up close please visit

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